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Future is STEM

The global economy is changing. Current jobs demand Technology & Engineering skill-set due to advances in automation

The continual advances in technology are changing the way children learn, connect and interact every day. Skills developed by children through STEM provide them with the foundation to succeed in their career and beyond.

Employer demand for STEM qualifications and skills is high, and will continue to increase in the future. Currently, 70 % of jobs in the fastest growing industries require workers with STEM skills. To be competitive, the workforce needs people who can adapt to a changing workplace.

STEM empowers individuals with the skills to succeed and adapt to this changing world.  







Kick start the journey of children in the world of Electronics, Sensors, Programming, Robots & Bots by exploring 100+ experiments using our best EIY hardware. 


Learn various technologies through End to End Product Design by exploring our 60+ Design Thinking Experiments using our best EIY hardware.


First-of-its-kind, opportunity for children & Institutions who would like to take baby steps , can pilot in a “Virtual Hardware” platform, to experience design thinking.


Handing Over STEM Hardware  to the Principal
Mary Clubwala Jadhav GHSS

Future Gen . Women Technologists

Student Explaining the Autonomous Vehicle Experiment to the Principal

TECKLAB Program evaluation by Students

Students Explaining the experiment to the Teacher

TECKLAB Program evaluation by Students

Students Learning Technologies by Experimenting

Students Learning Technologies by Experimenting



What's Required to Setup

Proposed Setup

A Lab to accommodate 50 students at a time
Lab Area : Minimum 1000 sq. ft
Furniture : 1 black or whiteboard,
10 student tables (with plug points)
50 Chairs for students, 1 teacher desk,
1 bookshelf, 1 Storage rack, 1 locker / showcase
IT Infra : 10 laptops (1 Per batch)
RAM /HDD : min. 1GB RAM, 100MB HDD space
OS : Win/Linux
Internet : Wireless/Wired – Speed preferable 1Mpbs
Electrical Infra : Lights, Fan, 230Vac plugs on all tables, (preferable with inverter backup), Air Conditioning (if needed)

• Institution can use existing science / computer science lab or any large classroom or conference room to establish the lab setup
• Institution can use existing Laptop / Desktop with mentioned specifications
• It is recommended to provide laptops to students, that could allow flexible training & demonstration from anywhere
• The hardware can be re-used multiple times between different student groups 

The Research Hardware

A Explore it Yourself toolset with ~200+ electro-mechanical components to explore 10+ technologies using 100+ experiments.

Basic Softwares for Coding

Our experiments are crafted to make learning fun and innovative. We have carefully chosen the software which will enable the learning experience of children to go from basics to advanced.

Progressive Curriculum

This is a progressive learning curriculum, to address K-12 and Higher-Ed students. The curriculum encourages, computational & design engineering thinking. The learning path is structured in various levels, that adapts a progressive learning methodology. The curriculum designed under the guidance and mentorship of Industry & EdTech experts, is divided into three stages – Curiosity, Collaborative, and Creativity.

The curriculum is hosted in an integrated online learning platform, that enables digital learning, accessible anywhere.

Experiments for K-12 are Mapped across Grades 3-12, In line with Science & Social concepts across different curriculum standards viz. CBSE, State Boards, Cambridge, etc.


Design Learning
* Design process * Experiment, Compute & Experience

Social Learning
* Experiment in Groups * Knowledge Sharing * Fairs, Conferences, Camps, Hackathons

Real–life Challenges
* Innovative Solutions for problems @ school, society & Work place

Digital Tech
* Use of software tools * Simulate solutions

* Instruction Integrating content, 24x7x365 on E-Learning Portal
* Cross functional implementation integrating different disciplines
* Varied learning methods & assessment
* Mentorship, Project & career guidance 

Innovation Lab
* Physical space for innovation & experimentation
* Exhibit artefacts

Learning Focus
* Investigate & Analyse
* Design for real-world challenges

Applied Learning
* Adopt different technologies
* Cross functional involving a variety of streams 

* Innovation for all, without prejudice
* Serve Underrepresented & Specially-abled
* Mentor & transform as Teckpreneurs

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The students carry out many experiments in this learning journey.
The curriculum imparts at least 100 experiments to be performed by the child, which covers over 10 different technologies and various skillsets.
A sample of the learning that a student undergoes, is depicted below.

Sensor Based


Program & Develop

Automated Gadgets

Autonomous/Electric Vehciles

Inside the Box

200+ Components to Explore


As a STEM Accredited Organization, the team of Vingyani’s keep the Tecklab platform always abreast to cater the needs of students based on the recommendations from industry & accreditation bodies. New exercises, challenges, technologies, tools are identified for problem solving. Vingyani’s take 360° feedback from students, which includes new innovation ideas.

Awards, Partnerships & Accreditation

...Know More

Technologies you will learn : IoT, AI, Solar/Green Energy, Electric & Autonomous Vehicles, Electronics & Automation, Analytics
Skillset Children will gain : Cognitive Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Embedded Programming, Block & Code Programming, Mobile App Development
No. of Experiments : 100+ and more

TECKLAB helps you create and nurture an ecosystem of Experiential Learning
which involves establishing a STEM Innovation Lab to foster Design Thinking
through a Progressive Curriculum using our Research Hardware.
VIRTUAL TECKLAB is for Institutions & Individuals who would like to take baby steps before setting up a full scale Innovation Lab, can pilot in a virtual “No Hardware” platform, to experience design thinking and develop digital gadgets.

Our curriculum is just not coding and does not make someone directly learn AI or Robotics or IoT. Tecklab helps to inculcate product design thinking. It helps students to build products using various technologies, integrating segments like hardware, software, mobile apps, etc. They learn the basics first, understand the different components, why we need to use them and learn to build products. Theme based projects using & integrating various technologies helps them to experiment, experience and solve real-life challenges, which acts as a transformation platform to realize your product ideas.


TECKLAB focuses on Design Thinking &  product development, integrating various technologies & skills

TECKLAB Program supports 4 C’S OF 21ST CENTURY SKILLS –
Enhances Collaboration, Communication, Creativity & Cognitive Thinking 

TECKLAB has a Progressive & comprehensive curriculum which caters to
K-12 and Higher-Ed includes:
- Making sensor based device
- Design and Develop Robotics & Bots
- Developing Mobile apps
- Exploring Internet of Things (IoT)
- Understanding Solar and Alternative Energy
- Automation
- Autonomous & Electric vehicles and several other technology-based experiments.

TECKLAB  is 100% Reusable – Learners can experiment in batches 

TECKLAB's research team constantly adds New exercises to the curriculum to make the experience more exciting and rewarding. 

Yes, we will do a field study and go by the requirements posted above. With the management approval we will be able to customize requirements as well without compromising on the learning outcome.
We can get your institution ready for STEM, as well get it certified. We can also get the trainers at institution certified on STEM

Minimum cost for Initial set up of a STEM lab (50 seater) is approx Rs 8 Lacs (Includes - 10 Laptops/Desktops, 10 TECKCRAFT Hardware, Free Curriculum Licenses, Training for the Staff). Cost does not include any Infrastructure costs.
We can provide a customized detailed cost after visiting the Institution. Know More....mail to info@vingyan.com

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